Parcel (Account) Number Search


A Parcel No. will contain at least 1 digit and no more than 5 digits. There will be no spacing or dashes contained in the parcel account number. This number may also be referred to as the Account #, Reference # or APN#. .


Property Address Search


The Address search will not work if a Parcel No. has been entered. If you have a Parcel No. entered, click on the “Clear” button and try your search again.


This address search is based on the parcel’s location (situs) address (this is not the mailing address). If you know the exact address, enter the street address along with the city name. If you do not know the exact street address, you will need to enter a portion of the address to do a search. You can also just enter the street number and street name without the city and get search results.


If you only know the number of the building or house, enter the number. For example, if you enter just ‘1110’ for the street address, this search locates addresses with the number 1110 somewhere in the address list, such as:


1110 Blakeley Way, The Dalles or 1110 E 10th, The Dalles


If you only know the street name, enter the street name. For example, if you enter just “Main” you will get a list of all addresses with “Main” in the address, such as:


100 Main St, Antelope, OR or 121 N Main, Dufur, OR


Numbered Street Names – Numbered street names in the towns of Mosier and Dufur are usually spelled out. Within the City of The Dalles they are usually in a numerical format.


Manufactured Structures – Do not use the ‘space’ or ‘unit’ designation in front of the space/unit number in your search. Only enter the number.


Multi Family Dwellings – You may need to search all ‘addresses’ to obtain complete property information.


Street Suffix - It is best not to try and enter the street suffix. Depending on how the street suffix was entered (abbreviated) your search may not produce any results. If this happens, either abbreviate or spell out the street suffix or remove the street suffix and search again.


Directionals - The same is true for directionals. Depending on how it was entered you may need to abbreviate or spell out the directional if it is part of the street name. Do not use directionals that you would find at the end of the street name.